Consignor Contract

Former Flame Consignment & Boutique
Consignee Terms & Contract

1. Items are accepted in excellent condition only – laundered, with no tears, stains or other defects (ie: broken zippers, missing buttons, etc).  No lingering odours like smoke or moth balls, and free of any pet hair (due to allergies).  Any items found damaged or unsuitable after initial inspection will automatically be set aside for donation.  Please ensure items are in acceptable condition before bringing them to us!
2.  Items will be displayed in-store for a period of 90 days.  After the first 60 days, any unsold items will be marked at a discount for a further 30 days (to a maximum of 50% off the original price). 

3. All items will be priced at the discretion of Former Flame Consignment & Boutique, based on current market value according to brand, style, and condition.

4. Consignment splits are based on an item’s original price and are as follows:
a)       30% to consignor on items priced under $100
b)       50% to consignor on items priced over $100
c)       70% to consignor on items classified as ‘Formal Wear’

5. Consignor profits are calculated up-to-the-minute and payments are available on demand as cash or cheque.  Consignors are encouraged to use their account balance as in-store credit, and will receive a 10% discount on purchases when using account creditAny lost/replacement cheques will be subject to a $20 cheque cancellation fee. 

6. Items remaining unsold after the consignment period can either be:
  Donated to charity
  Picked up by consignee 
Unsold items must be picked up within 7 days of notification of contract expiration.  
Items not picked up will be subject to storage fees of $1 per day per box/bag, starting exactly 7 days from notification date. Items forfeited will become property of Former Flame Consignment & Boutique to sell/donate as we see fit.

7. It is the consignor’s responsibility to collect any money for goods sold, within 12 months of the consignment expiry date.  Accounts left dormant after 12 months will forfeit all proceeds to Former Flame Consignment & Boutique (unless previously arranged).

8.  Former Flame Consignment & Boutique assumes no liability for the loss or destruction of any items in their possession, including theft or vandalism.

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