Defining and Consigning your Formal Wear

Former Flame happily accepts formal wear!

December 16/2014 - We no longer accept bridal wear, as well as men's suits.  If you have a bridal/wedding gown you are interested in selling, please contact us and we can refer you to some Sudbury-based bridal consignment boutiques. Thank you!

Formal-wear items receive a different consignment rate than standard items - instead of the 30% cash / 40% credit option, these special pieces will fetch you 70% of the selling price (helping put some of that MAJOR cash you've shelled out for them, back into your pretty little pocket).

We accept formal wear under the following terms:

  1.  Formal items are accepted in regards of space available in-store for display, and seasonality.  The best time to bring your formal items to us is early spring, just in time for graduation/prom/wedding season.  Another good time to bring formal items is late fall - for Christmas and New Year's celebrations.  Items may be accepted in-between, at the discretion of Former Flame staff.  Please ask!
  2. Items accepted under these terms must be 'special-occasion' dresses, acceptable for proms, graduations, black-tie weddings, etc.  Not valid for day-to-day and work-appropriate dresses.  All items accepted under these terms will be at the final discretion of Former Flame Consignment & Boutique. 
  3. Consignees will receive 70% of the selling price of the item(s) via cheque or store credit.  Pricing on gowns will be determined by Former Flame Consignment & Boutique (with input from consignees generously considered).  Pricing is dependent on brand, style, current trends, condition, and again, seasonality.  
  4. Formal wear items will be held for 60 days at initial price, then marked down for an additional 30 days if unsold.  If you would prefer not to have your formal item marked down, please contact us in time to arrange for a pickup of your item.  

If there are any questions you have about the process, please don't hesitate to contact us!